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Best Years of Our Lives

Best Years of Our Lives Homer Parrish is a character in the movie â€Å"Best years of our lives†. The movie chronicles the lives of three soldiers returning from the war. Homer Parrish is returning from the war with severe injuries that have resulted in both his arms being amputated. Therefore, Homer has to adjust to both the civilian life and his disability. Other characters in the movie are Al Stephenson a middle-aged family man who worked as a loan officer, and a scarred Fred Derry who served in the Air force.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Best Years of Our Lives specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Homer’s personality is well highlighted throughout the movie. For instance, his numerous encounters with other characters especially his fiancà © give great insight into his personality. The first trait in his personality is extroversion. Right from the beginning, Homer’s character is outgoing, talkative, energetic, and en thusiastic. All these traits are synonymous with extroversion. For example, in the scene where Mr. Mollett approaches him with a question, his answer is riddled with humour and sarcasm. This conversation is just one among many in which Homer uses skilled humour. Homer’s character is also very talkative. He is not intimidated by any of the people he encounters. Even when he is trying to cut his girlfriend loose, he still does it talkatively. Another trait that points towards Homer being an extrovert is his use of gestures and facial expressions. His personal warmth is what makes his friend Fred volunteer to be the best man at his wedding. Following these examples, it can be speculated that Homer has an extroverted personality. Another trait used in determining a person’s personality is one’s agreeableness. This trait shapes a person’s trust, forgivingness, generosity, and kindness. Homer’s agreeableness is mostly on the negative side. When he gets i nto an argument with a customer at the soda store, the confrontation ends in a physical altercation. This incident points towards lack of agreeability. Another manifestation of this trait is his distrust towards his girlfriend Wilma. While Wilma insists that she is okay with Homer’s condition, Homer takes a long time to believe her. Homer also has a neurotic personality. This personality trait is highlighted in various instances. At the beginning of the video, there are several instances when Homer pities himself. In another incident, he compares himself to a baby. This self-pitying is synonymous with neurotic personalities.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is also clear that from the way he answers people self defensively, he has neurotic tendencies. Fluctuating moods are also associated with neurotic persons. During most of his conversations with Wilma, this trait is evident. A neurotic personality is also susceptible to depression, hostility, and anxiety. Homer’s personality is mostly open. The openness is witnessed in various incidences. For instance, there is a scene where he insightfully explains to Wilma why they should not be together. This openness is also portrayed by Homer’s unusual thought process. His mind seems to wander off in unusual thoughts. Homer is a Conscientious person. This is why after coming back from the war he decides not to carry on with his marriage to Wilma because of his disability. When the plane is landing in their hometown, Homer takes the moment in and has high aspirations. All these scenes portray Homer as a Conscientious person. Homer acts as the main protagonist in the film. However, all his actions are motivated by things that happened either before or after his military accident. These same actions are also pivotal in shaping Homer’s personality. Right from the beginning, it see ms like Homer is going to have the hardest time readjusting owing to his age and disability. However, Homer seems upbeat about his chances even with his artificial arms. When explaining what led to the loss of his arms, he says he had no idea a shell was coming their way. This indicates that one of the things that motivate him is the knowledge that his disability was not because of his mistake. According to him, his disability was just an unfortunate incident. Another thing that motivates Homer is the fact that even though both his arms were burnt off, his prosthetics work just fine. In the bar, he even shows Mollette that he can scoop ice cream with them. This gives him motivation as he feels he is lucky for the second chance. Before the war, Homer was a young and energetic young man. At that time, he was engaged to Wilma. In school, he played football in the enviable position of a quarter back. He also lived with his parents as a contributing member of the family. These issues con tributed to his later development.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Best Years of Our Lives specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a football player, he learnt how to put up a fight and capitalize on the chances he got. This possibly explains why he is not about to give up on his ambitions now that he is disabled. He also understands that one of the reasons Wilma was attracted to him was because of his abilities. This fact motivates him to abandon his relationship with Wilma. When Homer is touching ground at his hometown, he is upbeat about everything else in his life except for his relationship with Wilma. He is convinced that his fiancà © will feel differently about him now that he is disabled. In response to this threat, he becomes withdrawn and hostile towards Wilma. No matter how much she tries to make it work with him, he is resolute about ending this relationship. In a final attempt to convince himself that she is still not comfortable with his condition, he unhooks his hands in front of her. When this gesture does not perturb her, he becomes convinced that she really cares for him. Homer’s is not easily threatened even when he faces probable defeat. This is why in the drug store he stands up against the arrogant customer. He is also not moved when Wilma threatens to move to another town. Homer is an outgoing person and has several acquaintances. Most of his relationships are cordial. However, his condition puts a strain on most of his relationships. Before his accident, Homer had a good romantic relationship with Wilma. However, after the accident the relationship becomes one-sided. Homer lives with his parents and other siblings. Before he became disabled, they all considered him an able-bodied young man and a great asset to the family. After the accident, the relationship becomes dominated by pity and curiosity. For instance, at one time his sister gathers her friends and they al l spy on how Homer is coping with his new hands. His relationships with fellow veterans are more stable because most of them understand his condition. Fred even volunteers to be the best man at his wedding.

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Asias Growth Essay

Asias Growth Essay Asias Growth Essay The history of the great continent of Asia is rich and full of culture. Asia makes up 30% of the worlds land area and has about 60% of its people, according to World Book Encyclopedia. As a direct result of the size of this continent, it is also the most diverse continent in the world. All of the major religions were also established right in Asia according to The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity to name a few. Asia also has the world’s highest and lowest points located on its continent and its economy ranks amongst the top in the world. With all of this in mind the question, what makes Asia such a thriving continent; is pertinent. Asia has been the most populated continent since the 1960’s and has produced more capital than any other region to date. Asia was the first continent to establish cities, enforce laws and also the first to begin a farmer merchant relationship. Nearly 50% of the people of Asia make their living off of farming, yet and still with the overflow of people there still isn’t enough food in some Asian countries to accommodate everyone. This great continent has consistently been ahead of the rest of the world in many different areas; only to leave everyone else left guessing, how do they do it? Asia’s economy varies from very rich to very poor, with the best economic development coming from Japan and the worse from countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia and Nepal. According to Britannica, based on region Southwest Asia is predominately made up of middle class income, North, Central and South Asia is made up of a lower income population and Eastern Asia is the most prosperous with an upper class income. In the East, South and Southeast parts of Asia, industry is growing quickly; as the industry expands, these countries continue to flourish. Japan, China and India rank among the largest economies in the world! On the other hand most of the other Asian nations have very little manufacturing and depend a great deal on agriculture. Exporting has brought huge profit to Asia; among these included are vegetables, oil, zinc, iron ore, granite, nickel and even gold to name a few. Some countries trade things such as tea, rubber and tin also as a way to boost their economy. Other countries became contractors for foreign firms manufacturing things such as electronics, toys, clothes and shoes. Ultimately the different countries

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African Studies ( Role-Playing Assignment ) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

African Studies ( Role-Playing ) - Assignment Example We used to sell our produce in the market and it was a good life. Eventually we ran out of food in our village and I decided that the chance to provide adequate nourishment for the little ones was to leave Somalia. I trekked all the way across the border with my wife, my elderly father and my children. We live in a white tent which is situated in long neat row of similar tents. In the cold season we cover it with colored cloth to add insulation. The Kenyan government has provided fresh water for us, and I go to the food distribution center every morning where we receive rations for the day. The camp is well organized, and operates like a small town, with its own leaders as well as our traditional elders. (Horst, 2006, p. 79) It is hard sometimes to keep the children amused, because there is very little to do. At least my I have some work to do, because I am part of a project to gather firewood for the refugees in the camp. (Loescher and Milner, 2005, p. 164) The pay is very low, but it helps. I am trying to save some money but it is very difficult because we need it when one of the children gets sick. Last month we heard that there was some trouble back in Somalia when violence broke out over food rations, and some soldiers killed and injured refugees when things got out of hand. (The Guardian Newspaper, August 5, 2011). This makes us too scared to go home, but we still have hope and pray to Allah that one day we will return to our homeland. Raghavan, Sudarsan. (September 7, 2011) Somalia’s biggest famine in decades claiming the smallest victims first. Washington Post, Available online at: The Guardian Newspaper (August 10, 2011) Somalia famine refugees killed in looting at Mogadishu aid camp. Available online at: